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Wrestlers new to the sport or those with less than two years of experience in Grades K-3rd are encouraged to participate in our Developmental Program. The White Team’s focus is on developing fundamental wrestling skills, learning body awareness, gaining basic wrestling knowledge, and having fun. This is the perfect introductory course for beginners in the Fall and Winter.   


  • Recommended for wrestlers with less than 2 years of experience Grades K-3

  • A limited Folkstyle USA Wrestling Membership is required

  • Click Here to register or renew your USA Wrestling Membership



  • Fall: Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm

  • Winter: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:15pm

Registration and Cost:

  • Click Here to register now for the Fall Season or to view pricing details

  • Click Here to register now for the Winter Season or to view pricing details

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