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  • Does my son or daughter need a USA Wrestling Membership?

    • Yes, as a USA Wrestling Chartered Club, we require ALL coaches and athletes to have a current USA Wrestling Membership. A Full USA Wrestling Membership provides $1,000,000 in secondary sports accidental coverage for all styles of wrestling with no limitations on geography. Please see the requirements for each team as it lists the type of USA Wrestling Membership required for that team.

  • How old does my son or daughter need to be to wrestle?

    • The minimum age to start training with the Golden Eagles is 1st Grade. Depending on the time of year and season we work with athletes ranging from 1st Grade to Seniors in High School. Please see our Teams section on the website for more information about which team your son or daughter should register for.   

  • What type of equipment does my child need to wrestle?

    • For practice we require a t-shirt, athletic shorts/sweats, and a pair of wrestling shoes. For competition they will be required to wear a singlet, wrestling shoes, and possibly head gear depending on the event. We recommend that every athlete brings a water bottle to practice.  

  • If we don’t have wrestling shoes can my son or daughter wear their tennis shoes or practice bare foot?

    • No, we require wrestling shoes because they are specifically designed to help with the execution of moves on the mat and they protect the athlete’s feet. In addition, wrestling shoes also protect all wrestlers by decreasing the risk of skin infections brought in from normal athletic shoes worn at school and on the playground.

  • Is headgear required?

    • We do not require athletes to wear headgear at practice. But depending on the tournament or event we compete at head gear may be required. Our suggestion is to own a pair of head gear that has been properly fitted for the athlete, so if the need arises it’s ready for competition.    

  • When is the wrestling season?

    • We offer 3 wrestling seasons throughout the year, Fall, Winter, and Spring along with Summer Camps and Clinics. The Fall Season is from September to October, the Winter Season goes from November to February, and our Spring Season is in April and May. Please see our Seasons Page for more details. 

  • Where do you practice?

    • We currently practice in High School wrestling rooms in the Highlands Ranch area. Check the registration page for more details on practice locations, dates and times.

  • What days and times do you practice?

    • Each team has their own practice on designated nights and times. Please see our Teams Page for more details. 

  • Does my son or daughter have to compete on the weekend?

    • No, we do not require any athlete to compete on the weekends. Our coaching staff will guide you on which tournaments your son or daughter should compete in and how often. As a club our general recommendation is 2 tournaments per month with a maximum of 3 per month. We encourage youth wrestlers to take weekends off throughout the season so they can take a break mentally and physically from competition..

  • Where are the wrestling tournaments?

    • There are wrestling tournaments all over the state of Colorado. However, most of the wrestling tournaments are in the Denver metro area. As your son or daughters experience and level of commitment grows so does the opportunity to travel. Our experienced and advanced wrestlers will have opportunities to compete in Regional and National Competitions throughout the US.

  • Do you offer different training opportunities for different levels of experience?

    • Yes, we understand that every athletes’ goals, reason for wrestling, and level of commitment is different. That’s why we offer 4 different teams based on age, experience, and level of commitment. Please see our Teams Page for more details.

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