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During the Spring our Red Team transitions to Freestyle one of 2 international styles of wrestling. All Middle School and High School wrestlers training to make the Colorado National Team are welcome. We compete in local and regional Cadet/Junior National qualifying tournaments including the Colorado USA Wrestling State Tournament in May. While the Red Team transitions to Freestyle our Blue and White Teams continue to build and strengthen their Folkstyle foundation.

The Spring, Summer, and Fall are a wrestler’s best times to make gains over his or her opponents. While many athletes step away and take a break from wrestling after the season, the ones with goals and aspirations of standing on top of the podium continue to train and get better. A lot of athletes ask their coaches during the season “what can I do to get better” or “what can I do to be a state champion this season” the truth is it’s not what you do in-season it’s what you did in the off-season. During the season your opponents are working just as hard, learning from their mistakes, making adjustments, and training daily just like you. It’s the dedication and commitment during the Spring, Summer, and Fall that sets you up for success in the Winter.   

The Spring Season is 2 Months (April and May)

  • Registration opens 2-3 weeks before the first practice of the season

  • Visit our Registration Page for details on Spring pricing

  • Click Here to visit our Registration Page

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