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Be respectful to all coaches, wrestling officials, parents, teammates, and facilities. Follow coaches’ instructions, attend scheduled practices/competitions and be on time. Be honest with coaches, parents/guardians, and teammates. Hold themselves accountable for their actions, stay on task, work hard, and have a positive attitude.


Listen to coaches recommendations, let our coaches coach your child in practice and at tournaments so you can be their parent. Be respectful to our coaching staff, wrestling officials, tournament directors, other wrestlers, and parents. Please do not discuss a referee’s decision, tournament policies, or rules with wrestling officials or tournament directors. If there is an issue let our coaching staff know and we will address it. If you have a question or concern regarding your child, the club, or our coaching staff contact the head coach to set up a meeting to discuss the matter at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place.


Be respectful to all coaches, wrestling officials, tournament directors, parents, athletes, and facilities. Be a positive role model in our athletes’ lives by supporting, encouraging, and helping them reach their full potential on and off the mat.  Complete the certified coaches training that includes, a background check, safe sport training, and a valid USA Wrestling Leader membership.​

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