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Our coaching staff includes:

High School State Champions, High School All-Americans,

NCAA All-Americans, NCAA National Finalists, and NCAA National Champions

Our Coaching Philosophy

At the Golden Eagle Wrestling Club our coaching staff believes in long term success rather than short term. We believe that youth wrestling is about more than just winning matches and tournaments. It’s about the process, having fun, enjoying your success, learning from your failures, dealing with adversity, overcoming setbacks, and building a foundation for the future.

When parents/athletes focus solely on the outcome “winning” rather than the process it hinders their performance. Oftentimes athletes that focus on winning alone develop a fear of failure. Fear of losing leads to pre-match nervousness, anxiety, and an unnecessary self-pressure to perform. As a result, they become afraid to make mistakes and try new things in competition.

We don’t expect athletes to be perfect starting out. In fact, we don’t expect anyone to be perfect at anything starting out. The only way to get better is to try and fail. By failing you can learn from your mistakes, make adjustments, and improve next time. This is a life skill that goes far beyond the wrestling mat.

That’s why our coaches focus on the process rather than the outcome. We don’t teach moves/techniques that are a quick fix for winning matches today. We teach the same moves and techniques used in high school and college rooms across the country. We set our athletes up for long term success by building a solid foundation and adding to it each season. Our goal is to teach kids how to enjoy the process, by being resilient, handling adversity, and learning from their mistakes rather than fear making a mistake.

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